Click Sid - The Web Ads Network!

Click Sid is the new UK based advertising network and by using the latest in contextual targetting we can deliver ads to your potential customers.

Click Sid is surely your £ earning network.

Advertise with us

With pay per click campaigns starting from just £12.00 including VAT Sid knows that as an advertiser you want the best return on your ppc advertising. Using our selected sites and keyword targetting we know that your ads will generate great leads with Sid!

Brilliant contextual targetting - your ads are viewed by highly targetted potential customers.

Cheaper than you know who...Our cost per click is lower.

Great measurement tools - easy to see which of your ads are the most effective.

Sid is UK based - we know the nuances of UK business - even if our software spells 'cheque' as 'check'!!

We're not bent on world domination unlike some we could mention...We just like to feel that Sid is a bit more human...



Get £10 Free!

All new advertisers can get an extra £10 of clicks absolutely free! Sign up before the 31st August and the free clicks are yours! Enter LaunchSid in the Promo box when you sign up as an advertiser. Just a little thank you from Sid!

Web Publishers

Why use Click Sid as your advertising network? Several reasons.

Prompt payments. Sid doesn't keep you waiting for months on end for your commission payments, and there's a low minimum payout threshold of only £10 for smaller websites. No waiting until you build up £50 worth of revenue, then having to wait for two months after that!

Excellent revenue share of up to 75% depending on volume.

Sid is UK based so VAT is claimable.

Great contextual targetting. You show the most relevant and profitable ads to your viewers.

We're not bent on world domination unlike some mega ad networks...Nearly said the 'G' word there...



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