Refunds and Complaints

Scrimshaws ID Ltd will give a refund for a call to any of our 118 services for any valid reason, whether by postage stamps or by direct payment into a customer's bank account.
All calls to Scrimshaws ID Ltd are recorded and will be checked for the purposes of refunds.

Refund Conditions

Refunds are not given if a listing cannot be supplied from the information given by the caller. In line with other Directory Enquiry suppliers the caller is paying for the 'search', not the result. Although we aim to have the most comprehensive databases available we can not legislate for ex-directory numbers or numbers not listed.

Service Limitations. Some numbers are almost impossible to get in certain foreign countries, particularly those whose culture maintains that 'personal' phone numbers are 'private'. This mainly applies to countries in the Far East such as China and Japan.

Scrimshaws ID Ltd has a 'zero tolerence' policy regarding verbal abuse towards our operators. Any caller using foul, violent or abusive language will have their call terminated and no refund will be given.

Refund requests for misdialled calls should be made to the caller's telephone service provider as dialling a number is outwith Scrimshaws ID Ltd's control.

Refunds will not be given for 'joke' calls. No, we do not have the number for Santa Claus or Justin Bieber's private number. Callers should be aware that if they want to have 'fun' with our operators they can, but they will be charged for our time.

Complaints Procedure

Should a caller wish to complain about a Scrimshaws ID Ltd service, they should in the first instance speak to our Customer Services department by calling 0141 280 0662.

If your complaint cannot be resolved then you should contact our Managing Director by post or email at

Scrimshaws ID Ltd subscribe to the independent arbitration service supplied by POSTRS. Contact details: POSTRS 24 Angel Gate, City Road, London EC1V 2PT.

Terms and Conditions of Use

Full Terms and Conditions of Use of Scrimshaws ID Ltd's services are available here.

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