Ecosse Mobile International Calling

Available Now! International and UK VoIP calling from your computer softphone or plug in VoIP phone.

Coming Soon... Ecosse Mobile Calling Cards allowing you to make low cost international calls from any phone in the UK and selected countries overseas.

How it Works

Simple! Sign up here and fund your account with either £5 or £10 via credit/debit card or by Paypal - install the settings on your softphone - and Bingo! Call Away! Great quality of lines and connections. For full rates to all countries and terms and conditions click here.

Great Rates!

Call the following countries (landlines) for only 1p per minute! UK, France, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Poland, Slovenia, Slovakia, Hungary, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Portugal.

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